Tomorrow is #SelfCareSunday so let’s get ahead of the game…

Tomorrow is #SelfCareSunday so let’s get ahead of the game and start to think about ways we can give back to ourselves, there’s no shame in a little self care or self love. It’s not selfish. It doesn’t have to involve spending money or even leaving the house, it can be as simple as checking in with how you’re feeling, maybe simply saying to yourself “you’re doing ok” or “I’ve got this!” ❤ #keeptalkingmentalhealth

Repost 📷 @youngmindsuk – Happy Fri-yay! It’s so important to take a break and give yourself the time to switch off, but it can be hard to know what to do. So here’s some weekend inspiration to take some time for yourself & remember – self care is NOT selfish 💛

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