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These words were written by someone who I know as Dr.A. She was a therapist of mine when i went into treatment. On my last day she wrote me a letter. For two years I’ve had her letter hung up on my wall. In college I made a copy of the letter and hung it up there. When I was raped in college every night I would have panic attacks and this letter helped me to keep going. I read it everyday for almost 2 years. These words in specific stood out to me. This was the first set of words i started to believe about my self. I got these words tattooed over the scar that was left from a suicide attempt. A scar that was left behind from 40 stitches. Dr.A inspired me to want to become an eating disorder therapist just like her. Because if she could change my life that immensely I want to do that for somebody else. I want to help people just like I was helped. ❤️. I don’t want to cover these scars because I don’t want to hide them and cover them up like society and people tell me I should. These scars are apart of me and I am not ashamed of where I came from. I’m proud of where I stand and my existence is powerful ❤️ thank you @kenny7tattoo for doing an amazing job and copying the letter EXACTLY👍🏻 #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #scars #selfharmrecovery #staystrong

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