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Something I think I find hard to remember when I start to feel anxious is that I will feel okay again. In my mind it’s as if theres no possibility that after the fear/situation/worry happens (OR MORE LIKELY DOESN’T HAPPEN!!) I can feel okay again. This is because when you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder your thoughts are very irrational, when feeling anxious you tend to focus on fear you’re experiencing and all the ways that fear is ‘going to happen’ and what its going to feel like/look like/how its going to effect your life if it happens. Rationally most of the time if the feared situation does happen nothing bad will actually be caused by it but because of anxiety is irrational this is really hard for us to believe. But most importantly most of the time the feared situation doesn’t happen in the first place! Point is if we can know and remember that every single time we have felt anxious that feeling has not been at maximum level of anxiery the entire time we feel it, and that actually every single time it decreased eventually. YOU CANNOT FEEL 10/10 ANXIOUS 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK 365 DAYS A YEAR. Yes, you can feel anxious a lot of the time but sometimes you can feel a little bit anxious, sometimes a lot anxious. But most of the time this is a gradual thing, and we know, I know, you know somewhere that the feeling of anxiety will decrease no matter how high your anxiety gets it will fall. It might take a little longer than you want, it might rise a lot before it falls but IT WILL FALL. You will feel okay again no matter if the fear happens, no matter if it doesn’t. When I start to feel anxious the first thing i try to do is imagine myself being okay again after one of the other times I panicked. I remember that yeah, i got anxious a couple of days ago, I was feeling really scared but I sat through the feeling, the scary thing didnt happen, then afterwards I was there and I felt a little less anxious. Then after a few hours I felt okay, calm. Everything was okay in the end and it will be okay this time because my anxiety is going to fall just the same as it did the last time. Feelings don’t last forever,not even anxiety

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