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Stigma is a negative stereotype of something which is usually created by generations and generations talking about a topic in a certain way with a negative tone, containing information that is incorrect. Talking about mental illness stigma is so important because of it effects the lives of millions of people around the world. I personally want to raise awareness that combats stigma because of how it effects my life and those around me.
The biggest problem is that most people don’t understand the mental illnesses themselves. Each one has a different stigma, for example OCD has a stereotype at it is just being ‘neat and tidy’ and Anorexia has a stereotype that you have to be ‘underweight’ to suffer from it. On the surface these don’t sound like a large problem but when you have millions of people believing they are true it creates a huge problem. When there is this misunderstanding and under education it causes people to not understand what it is. Then the people suffering are not being understood on a world widely basis. So many people don’t understand mental illness to the point where they don’t see it as a serious illness and therefore people go on suffering without support. This is why stigma is so important to break down. We need every day people to have an understanding of what a mental illness actually is including the seriousness of it, the signs and symptoms and how it effects someone’s daily life. This is why we spread awareness and this is why it is vital not to ignore it just because the issue hasn’t effected you yet. Millions of people suffer and so chances are you OR someone you know will suffer at some point in their life time. Mental illness does NOT discriminate therefore it can effect anyone and everyone, educating yourself on it and the negative stigma could just mean that you can see the signs of someone you love suffering with it and this could even save a life. This is not a solved issue, it still needs to be talked about because it is still misunderstood and stigmatized all over the world.

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