Repost @thepositivitypages – If you don’t do anything…

Repost @thepositivitypages – If you don’t do anything else today please comment one thing below that is a reason to stay. Something to stop someone from attempting suicide. This will be added to my website.

Tonight im going to be publishing a new page on The Positive Page website which is there for suicide prevention. I’ve been hesitant to do this so far because I am not a therapist or mental health professional/doctor. However I really wanted to make this page because so many people suffer with sudicidal thoughts and although I can’t fix that I wanted to make something that is there for them to read when they need something. The page so far has a long list of reasons to stay (which i will add yours to), a couple things you can do if you’re feeling sudicidal in the moment other than reading the reasons, and helplines. The second half of the page has non emergency help and information things you can read when you’re not in crisis and a sheet you can print out and fill in which is ready just i case you feel sudicidal again. The page will be live soon once i have added more of your reasons to stay. .
(Photo description: black and white grid with rainbow shapes. Text in rainbow with black outline says ‘reasons to stay’ and ‘suicide prevention’)

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