Repost @thepositivitypages – Hello hello! Today I am doing a…

Repost @thepositivitypages – Hello hello!
Today I am doing a new years edition of self care sessions (as i missed the Christmas one cuz i was ill :(). I did a lot of self care sessions at the beginning of last year. If you weren’t around then let me tell you what they are.
I do two different kinds:
Self care sessions- where we go live regularly to do a self care task. For example putting on a face mask. I (@posilauren) do the task while on the live video and you guys do it at home at the same time. The idea is it builds in a regular time for you to do self care and take a second out your day to just relax. When we’re all in the live together you don’t have to do anything apart from the self care challenge, no checking social media (as your phone is on the video).
Then theres also self care JOURNAL sessions. This is where a group of us every week made one page of our journals together on the live video. I would explain what the page was going to be and then we would all do it together.
What i love about these sessions is that i get to have a chat with you guys. I get to hear about your day or what you’re stuggling with and feel like im doing at least something to make it better. Often i only chat with people in the comments or on DMS and its so nice to have a space where every other message isn’t asking me to promote something (which is okay its just a little less personal if you get me). I stopped doing self care sessions because only 3 or 4 people were coming to them in the end. I am thinking of starting them up again this year but im not sure how many people would want to join in. Im also wondering if i did them live on YOUTUBE if people would prefer it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you tonight

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