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T I P S | feeling anxious? Struggling to work out why or keep on top of things? Here are my top tips that I use in clinic 1️⃣complete your day in the life of exercise, what is your baseline and how has it changed. Start to keep a mood diary, even if this is only for a few days,are there any clear triggers or patterns? 2️⃣think lifestyle factors, cut out caffeine even if it is just a cup a day, reduce your alcohol consumption and knock those energy drinks on the head 3️⃣ clean up your sleep. Go to bed the same time each night and wake up the same time each morning, even on a weekend. Practice this every night for a couple of weeks, be consistent and you will see a difference 4️⃣incorporate some regular exercise into your day whether it is a walk around the block, a PE class or a gym workout. 5️⃣practice some mindfulness. I share ideas on deep breathing, square breathing and focusing on your senses particularly if you are experiencing a panic attack 6️⃣put together an anxiety toolbox. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, when you are feeling anxious it is hard to think about what helps de-stress you and makes you feel calm, a toolbox creates a good go-to for this 7️⃣ invest in a fidget toy, a stress ball or even some bubble wrap to have to hand to channel some of that nervous energy 8️⃣ book an appointment with yourself. Make sure you schedule in time out for yourself. Being busy has become a badge of honour and an unhelpful one at that.9️⃣Try out a traffic light at home or score your anxiety 🔟 if your anxiety persists and is getting in the way of your family, friendships and working life or if you are finding you are managing your anxiety with alcohol, drugs or via self harm and/or are experiencing suicidal ideation due to difficulties in coping, it is time to seek urgent support from a trained health care professional so that you can be assessed. #anxiety #stress #anxietymanagement #healthymind #health #healthy #wellbeing #wellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalwellbeing #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthymindhealthybody #thursday #thursdaythoughts

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