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F R E S H E R S W E E K | 95 students took their own life in the last 12 months – a staggering number. This week; Sam Gyimah, Universities Minister has called for universities to do more to protect their student’s mental health. But what is the strategy? Another empty worded campaign?With 1000s of students up and down the country due to start their first year at uni, they will no doubt be experiencing a mixture of away from home nerves, anxiety of the unknown, unfamiliar faces mixed in with academic pressures and keeping up appearances with late nights and the stereotypical alcohol and junk food student diet to top it all off. It is bound to take its toll on anyone’s mental health, let alone those students who have pre-existing mental health conditions. And who do they feel able to turn to when they are struggling with barely a familiar face in sight? #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #freshers_2k18 #freshersweek #monday

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