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I used to want to make the people around me proud, don’t get me wrong, I still do.. but my focus and values have changed. I used to want people to accept the career path I had taken. I wanted the girls at school to accept me as I was, a little different with a dream bigger than I could draw. Allllll I wanted was for them to be proud of me, and proud of what I was setting out to do, and I can’t lie and tell you that the affirmation came because it never did. However I soon realised that I needed to make ME proud, to do everything I was striving for and working for, for no one but me. It took me a long time to do but honestly, now, I do it for me. I do it because I love every second of the hustle and the excitement. Sometimes I have nothing to show for myself and sometimes I have everything to show, and for whatever reason it’s part of the game of life and I LOVE it. I love it because I’m doing it for me, not for them. Please always do it for you, because their opinions and validation does not matter, I wish I could shout that from the rooftops because I really believe it!!! Chase whatever it is that you LOVE and who cares if your parents think you’re messing around and if the girls at school think you’re deluded. None of that matters when you get where your going and trust me, you’re going to arrive in a beam of light. 💫💕

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