Repost @selfloveliv I’m sick of the whispers around mental…

Repost @selfloveliv

I’m sick of the whispers around mental health. I’m sick of the shame surrounding mental health. I’m sick of the stigma around mental health.
I have been mentally ill for years now, diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 18, and I felt so much shame from that. I lost a job, friendships, and trust with people. I lost part of myself.
I’m sick of pretending to be fine when I’m not. I’m sick of hiding it, denying it, faking an emotion I don’t feel.
Let’s stand up! Let’s talk! Let’s be open! Let’s fight the stigma and the shame and attack the negative connotations around the mentally ill.
We are NOT lazy, crazy, violent, or weird. We are HUMAN. We all deal with some form of tragedy, something that changes us. Nobody has a perfect life.
So here I am, vulnerable as ever. Standing up, shouting loudly, I am MENTALLY ILL. I AM MENTALLY ILL AND I AM NOT ASHAMED.
And you shouldn’t feel ashamed either. You are strong, amazing and so brave.
You got this boo!
Here’s to my mentally ill warriors, braving every damn day. I’m with you.
And I love you. [Liv has dark make up on, including a dark lip, holding a chalk board with the words ‘I am mentally ill and I am NOT ashamed] #mentallyill

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