Repost @selfloveliv I was watching an Elon Musk interview with…

Repost @selfloveliv

I was watching an Elon Musk interview with @joerogan and they mentioned social media and how damaging it can be. They mentioned how comparison is the thief of joy, how Instagram especially makes people feel worse about themselves, as our feeds are beautiful, but HEAVILY ALTERED images.
So I wanted to talk about something. Back when I went to prom (we’re talking YEARS ago) I was complimented on how I looked, and how happy I looked. On the outside I looked like I was having the time of my life.
Couldn’t. Be. Further. From. The. Truth.
I was in the midst of undiagnosed bipolar disorder, self harming (people made comments to James about my scars) and bulimic. I hadn’t eaten for days in preparation. Nobody knew what was going on behind my smile, how much I didn’t want to be there, how much I didn’t want to be on the planet.
This is the thing with Instagram. You see what people WANT you to see. You see the happy times, the good times, you rarely see the real, raw, HONESTY of a person.
Elon Musk said a quoted a quote which blew my tiny mind; ‘happiness equals reality minus expectations’. And I was like holy shit.
Don’t be fooled by other people’s perfect lives. You don’t see the break ups, the job losses, the pain, the REALITY.
That’s the tea.
COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY. [The photo is split into two, but they are both the same photo of Liv when she was younger, smiling into the camera. The first side says ‘social media’ and at the bottom says ‘happy, enjoying life’, and on the second side it says ‘reality’ and on the bottom says ‘depressed, suicidal’] #elonmusk

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