Repost @selfkindfulness Last night when I was falling asleep I…

Repost @selfkindfulness

Last night when I was falling asleep I couldn’t stop thinking about how thankful I am for the place I am in. Yes I have OCD. Yes I have low days. Yes I have health issues that im continuely ordering freaken textbooks for just to educate myself because many doctors don’t know answers for me (exhausting, I know). But I just feel so freaken blessed right now. I have a period in my life where I get to strictly focus on my health and happiness. Where I get to learn so much about myself and this world. Where I get to pursue education in a career that I love so much. Where I get to meet so many new people in my life and continuously expand this heart. I look to my future and I see endless opportunity. Today, in this moment I relax in the gratitude ♥️✨

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