Repost @selfkindfulness I needed to take a little break from…

Repost @selfkindfulness

I needed to take a little break from this account as last week was a little overwhelming for me. Although I use this account as a way to help encourage mental health and self-care, sometimes individuals DM me assuming that I am a medical professional. Sometimes the messages are waaaay too intense for me to handle when all I want is a positive atmosphere on this account. Hence the break that I needed. I’ll still be taking a break but slowly coming back to posting. I will no longer check DMs unless it is from people that I know in person. I need to share this disclaimer with you all as a reminder that you need to seek PROFESSIONAL help if you are struggling in any way. Reaching out on Instagram to a stranger is not sufficient. If you are in danger to yourself or others please call 911 immediately! Sending you all a virtual hug and hopefully will be back to regular posting soon ♥️

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