Repost @perfectly_borderline After going through my messages…

Repost @perfectly_borderline

After going through my messages on this account, I’ve realised I have received so many messages asking me how to deal with a new diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.
So I thought I would make a post about it in hope to help other people.
They might not work for everyone, everyone is different.

🌻Don’t panic. You are the same person you were before the diagnosis you just have more answers and you have now started your road to recovery. You haven’t lost anything and a diagnosis doesn’t make you any less worthy, it doesn’t make you crazy and it doesn’t mean you can’t live a good life.

🌻 Read up about your diagnosis, read symptoms of borderline personality disorder (I recommend things like the NHS website or stuff recommended by your doctor) and notice your symptoms, you don’t need to change anything but noticing your symptoms is a massive start. You can see what you need to work on and cut yourself some slack for your reactions, actions and coping techniques.

🌻 You are not your diagnosis. Your diagnosis isn’t the only part of your personality.

🌻 It’s ok to not know who you are or what you like yet, life isn’t easy.

🌻 It’s ok to be scared, it’s ok to question things and it’s ok to have a few down days after a diagnosis. When I was diagnosed I was over the moon, so happy I was finally getting answers and then the next few days I hit rock bottom.. I was so depressed I couldn’t learn how to accept my diagnosis but that’s ok, this feeling will pass, don’t worry.

🌻You are allowed up days and down days.

🌻You are not alone, you are never alone.

🌻 Having bpd isn’t all negative. People with bpd are very passionate and loving people and are well known for being artistic and creative.

🌻You need to see how strong you are. You are strong and you are brave for getting help and getting a diagnosis but no matter how you feel about yourself you deserve therapy, you deserve medication (if you need it) and you deserve recovery.

🌻Recovery is possible and manageable.

You can do this ❤️🌻

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