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Happy September! Instead of Self-Care Saturday, I’ve decide to challenge myself to a Self-Care September! Too often my focus goes towards others or other things, and I never seem to give myself the attention I deserve. Whether I’m consumed by my mental health, work, being a Mom, a wife, a friend, family, stress, etc. I never quite take the time to fulfill my needs, or recharge my batteries. So this month will be about me, my self-care, and reconnecting with myself and the things I love. My goal is to each day do something for myself (big or small). Maybe it’s a nice relaxing bath, maybe I pick up a book I’ve been wanting to read, I treat myself to a favorite beverage or snack, maybe I treat myself to a pedicure, maybe I carve out 10 mins to do a meditation, go for a walk, spend some time outside, or maybe I will sit down and make a list of all the things I’m grateful for, or a list of all of the amazing qualities I possess, or maybe I will even write a letter to myself to remind myself how awesome I am; the possibilities are endless! Now, am I perfect and will I get this “right” everyday? Probably not. However, it’s not about getting it “right”, it’s about the intention to finally give myself some much needed attention. It’s about reconnecting with myself, and giving my mind, body, and soul the attention it needs. So without putting too much pressure on myself with this intention, my goal is just to FINALLY show myself some love for once. That’s it. So with that being said, I’d love for you to join me in #SelfCareSeptember! Let’s show ourselves some well deserved attention and love!
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