Repost @makedaisychains I’m gonna just talk about the UK as I…

Repost @makedaisychains

I’m gonna just talk about the UK as I don’t know how it works in other countries. But yeah, having therapy with the ‘right’ therapist is sadly difficult and rare particularly for marginalised people such as people of colour, LGBTQAI, Deaf, person of faith and/or disabled. Mostly in the NHS it’s not always possible to choose your therapist. This can be really difficult if you’re looking for example a black therapist, someone who is LGBTQAI friendly or sex worker friendly. Obviously there are private therapists but that’s expensive and not accessible to everyone. Mental health care needs to be accessible and not a privilege. I do need to say though that there are some amazing NHS therapists, support workers, OTs, nurses, social workers, doctors and mental health workers in educational settings who do life changing work. Share some positive experiences you have had. .

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