Repost @makedaisychains CN: suicide . Apparently it’s…

Repost @makedaisychains

CN: suicide .
Apparently it’s #worldsuicidepreventionday . I believe suicide is preventable with the right support. This tool can be helpful for some people. Something to do when you are able to; write down early warning signs of becoming unwell. This could be certain thoughts like “I’m so tired” or “what’s the point”. It could also be avoiding certain activities. For example showering less, eating less, no wanting to see friends or the opposite of doing too much with racing thoughts. Early warning signs could be thoughts telling you to just “cut down on carbs” or something like that. Once you have done that, write a list of things which help. This could be taking time off work, telling your doctor/friends/family, setting a routine, petting an animal, medication, therapy, using a weighted blanket, exercise, anything that’s meaningful to you. Everyone is different but it’s good to come up with these lists and share it. Sometimes we aren’t aware of when we become ill. [visual description: hand drawn illustration of a piece of lined paper with two lists ready to be filled in. One says “early warning signs” the other says “things which help”. Above the paper it says “thought about my mental health. Made this list and shared it with someone I trust.” The background is beige. The border is circular and dark purple. Around the edge it says “BORING SELF CARE”. ] #boringselfcare #mentalhealthrecovery

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