Repost @knoxyslife Oh hells yea. If anything positive came…

Repost @knoxyslife

Oh hells yea. If anything positive came from the last 18 or so months, it is this. My family (apart from 1 person…who, incidentally was cut out by my mother years ago!) have ALL decided that I don’t warrant any thoughts or even a text message. I remember the time my dad was away on exercise, and he sent a photo (this is waaayyy before digital stuff) through the post of him stood in front of a tank with ‘happy birthday Ria’ written on the side in chalk. This year, not even a text message.

Although, I shouldn’t be surprised. I didn’t get anything at Christsmas either.
So here’s to my friends, who mean more to me than those related to me by blood. To the people who have taken the time to listen to me, to wish me happy birthday, to hell me when I’ve been at my lowest. Even the ones I don’t see very often, who reach out just to say hi. Thank you. Thank you all.

So rather than letting the fact that my parents dont care, that none of my family seem to care about me, I want to celebrate the family that I not only chose myself, but who chose me too. I love you all xxx

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