Repost @janellesilver Sometimes it will even feel so dark and…

Repost @janellesilver

Sometimes it will even feel so dark and lonely that you’ll no longer be able to tell where you end and the darkness begins. The thing is though it’s just a feeling and while it can be incredibly scary and real to experience, it’s a feeling not a fact. The truth is that behind all that blacked out area are friends, family, community, health care professionals – people that love and care about you, people that want to help and support you, people you can talk to and lean on it and when you need it. Behind that blacked out area are all the wonderful things in life, hugs, animals, chocolate, rainbows, the ocean, kindness, the Internet, flowers, sunshine, generosity, love, music, art, ice cream.. there’s a ginormous list of wonderful things that are there waiting, you might not be able to see, feel or appreciate them right now but know that they’re there! That’s what we’ve got to do when it FEELS like this, we’ve got to KNOW the truth and hold onto it!! You’re not alone, you are loved and it will pass. Take care of yourself today, sending so much love your way 💖🌈🦄🌸🔮🦕🌿🚀👽💜

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