Repost @janellesilver I’ve been having to remind myself of this…

Repost @janellesilver

I’ve been having to remind myself of this constantly over the last few days 💜 I feel like sometimes the more we fight the yuck and uncomfortable feelings, the worse they get and longer they stay. When we’re fighting or resisting or resenting then, I feel like we (at least I do) shutdown and trap them inside, no longer allowing them to flow through us like clouds do in the sky. I can get so lost in the fighting/resisting/resenting and busy trying to distract myself from those feelings that I forget to make friends with, listen to and learn from what the initial feelings were trying to tell me, like maybe I hadn’t made enough time for myself lately or by being so run down and exhausted I’ve been eating crap and that’s why my anxiety’s been worse. When you make friends with and listen and learn then you’ve got something to work with, an opportunity to come back to yourself and show yourself love and compassion and forgiveness and start making little steps forward. These little steps help to slowly open you back up and allow the feelings to flow out and on their way again. It’s all practice and learning and you’re doing so well! Try not to be so hard on yourself 😘💖🌈🌼🍄🦕🌿🌏☀️💜

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