Repost @howdoyouadult This was some advice I received shortly…

Repost @howdoyouadult

This was some advice I received shortly after starting work full time. It’s so simple — don’t be an idiot asshole who acts like (s)he knows everything — but it’s proven incredibly invaluable to me ⁣

When I was a kid (and now with my kid sister who is now in fifth grade omg), I remember my mom getting so frustrated with me because she’d ask me to do something (e.g. clean your room, stand up straight, chew with your mouth closed…) and I’d respond with “I KNOW-WUH” (Children manage to make know into a two-syllable word. It sounds like Noah said with some bratty undertones. Adults do it too, but adults acting like children is something I’m not certified to adequately assess). She HATED it. She’d say, “Yes, I’m aware that you probably DID know that, but I would prefer if you’d respond with something other than ‘I KNOW.’ How about ‘Yes, Mom’? Or ‘Okay’?” ⁣
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It wasn’t until I started collaborating with people and working on teams in a professional setting when I fully realized her frustration — when people respond with “Yeah, I know,” they sound like absolute turds. If my boss said “Do XYZ,” and I responded back with “yeah I know, I was going to,” I joined that same club of turds. So that’s what I’m going to challenge you all with this week: try catching yourself when you’re annoyed that someone is interjecting something that you (probably) already know. Appropriate responses include (but aren’t limited to): “You’re right,” “Sounds good,” “I can do that,” etc ⁣
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