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“Hey don’t shoot the messenger, the rabbit said it not me. 🐇🤭 I know, this isn’t a new idea, but since the collective goal of BEING HAPPY ALL THE TIME is still so prominent, it seems necessary to say that not only is it okay to not be happy all the time, I would argue that it’s unhealthy to try and be happy all the time. .
Optimism is good yes, but it’s not really effective or logical to try and be happy about tragedy and the painful things you experience 🤔. It’s normal to feel and express all the emotions, not just the nice ones. 🧐😖😤😡😥😨
It sucks that it’s so hard to do that in our daily lives. Often it doesn’t feel appropriate to say how you’re actually doing, or express your “negative” emotions, because it can make things awkward or “too heavy” seeming. People may jump into problem solving mode or provide “silver linings” or worse, tell you to stop being so negative or dwelling on the “bad” in life 😬. .
Many of us weren’t taught how to express our own difficult emotions or to bare witness to other people expressing theirs. It’s uncomfortable for everyone but that’s okay 👌 .
It will take some time to sort it out but I think we will continue to find ways to make it more socially acceptable to say how we are really feeling, and disclose what’s actually going on in our lives even if it’s “too heavy”. And a good place to start with that is probably just letting yourself acknowledge what’s happening within yourself. Because some of us aren’t even doing that. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN??? I’M FINE! EVERYTHINGS GREAT!”😒”
-📷By @sanitysoap
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