Repost @frizzkidart Today’s affirmation art: Sometimes…

Repost @frizzkidart
Today’s affirmation art: Sometimes it’s okay to just do nothing. 💕 Admittedly, I’m very bad at this. I have trouble taking breaks and usually feel guilty for doing so. I have this nagging free that not constantly working will mean that everything will go downhill and I’ve been working on this and learning to respect my body’s natural cues that say “SLOW DOWN.” Sometimes you just have to lie on the couch watching weird videos on Youtube and eating a box of cookies. Sometimes doing nothing is necessary. And it’s important to give yourself those breaks without guilt or shame. We’re generally pressured to stay active, and even the discourse around self care often centres on self care as an activity, where we have to be exercising or grooming, rather than self care as just maybe doing shit all and letting yourself have that break. I’m working on that myself! Shout out to Smaug the Cat for more amazing modelling for this affirmation hahaha.
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