Repost @fattofit_bpdsurvivor This was a relatable article to…

Repost @fattofit_bpdsurvivor

This was a relatable article to read. Self harm is something I’ve struggled with for 16 years, over half my life. I’ve always struggled to talk about it because I could never quite put into words how it felt or why I did it. It started very young I have memories of being a small child and pulling at my hair or banging my head to cause pain when I got upset. This led on to more serious self harm from the age of 12 onwards. It’s very deep rooted in me yet I still remember being about 15 in a psychiatrist’s office and being told “it’s just a phase”. Those words stung and still do knowing I still have to fight against this urge every day. It’s been about 4 months since I last self harmed but it’s always lurking beneath the surface. I’m not proud of my self harm but I’m not ashamed of my scars.

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