Repost @fattofit_bpdsurvivor BPD and Abandonment. It’s…

Repost @fattofit_bpdsurvivor

BPD and Abandonment. It’s something I feel a lot in my life. I feel friends and family slip away as time goes on. I know people have busy lives and it isn’t personal but the feeling in my gut feels intolerable. My parents have just left for a week for a holiday and it hurts. I would never ask them to stay and miss out on a lovely holiday, they deserve to be happy. BPD leaves you with such a fear of abandonment when someone leaves it hurts so much even though if rationally you know they’re coming back or they’re still in your life. Today I’m going to be kind to myself and let myself sit with these feelings. BPD can make your emotions so intense but I’ve got to learn they are not going to hurt me, they are a part of me.

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