Repost @bpdpartner So I think it’s time I gave back some…

Repost @bpdpartner

So I think it’s time I gave back some positivity to people on here. I’ve been helped no end since setting up this account through my relationship struggle. *Please be open minded to what this post is about*🙏
I have and do still chat to quite a few people on here and have made some great friends. Recently I’ve become more aware of myself and my own codependency as well as the fascinating Universe around me. I know that I care for people and want to do something with my life to help as many as I can. My day to day job since I left school a long time ago has always been in sales, goodness knows why as I was as shy as they come at school and also I think it’s because all I heard was you’re shy, you’re quiet etc. To me I was thoughtful and aware of things and people but I felt at times I never had a voice. As I’ve got older I’ve learned that I am likeable, a good person, with a caring heart and my sales job is not doing what I want it to do to reward me anymore. I know I’m a fixer, helper personality and through talking to one of my amazing supporting friends on here she explained about some of the many multiple struggles that she goes through on a daily basis. One of them is an addiction to laxatives and body confidence, anyway I said that I’d come across hypnosis and subliminals and decided to research and learn how to make my own subliminal MP3s to help me with “cold calling” people at work. It has been so powerful in changing my mindset on a subconscious level to a new belief of “I love cold calling” that actually I do now. Most people in sales say they hate it or it’s a necessary “evil” in the job, but since I’ve been listening to my MP3 I’m loving it and achieving great results. Anyway back to the story…I suggested to my friend here that I’d like to repay her help, for the wise words and advice she gave me during my relationship issues by creating an MP3 to help her with body confidence and laxative addiction. Long story short after 6 days of listening (that’s 36 minutes in total) she messaged me to say that she woke up and danced in front of the mirror and enjoyed what she saw she looking back at her for the first time in her life ❤

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