Repost @bpdeupdptsd I’m sick of people taking the piss out of…

Repost @bpdeupdptsd

I’m sick of people taking the piss out of me!!! Mental health is for me more crippling than most physical illnesses I’ve had! Fact!!! I’m suffering pretty bad at the moment but you may not physically see it because people are so wrapped up with “I’m soooooo ill today, only had 4, 5, 6 hours sleep last night” “I’m soooooo ill, I had to take two days of work, really sore throat” etc etc etc…….
I’m only just managing to get up (after an awful nights sleep of about 2 hours) my medication means it takes me a while to start my day. I managed to throw some clothes on and brush my teeth! I hate leaving the house but I force myself every single day to take my kids to school! (2 are at school) I have 3! But yes I’ll take your fucking “one” child to school and pick your child up because your so selfish you don’t see I’m struggling! I also have rhomboid strain, I’m in agony most days! It’s like having really bad sciatica but in your shoulder, neck and head. It’s so painful. But yes I’ll drive your child to school 😡🤬😡🤬
It’s a weekly thing though….people only come see me because they need a favour, I’ve had enough!
I take statins too which cause joint and muscle pain but yes I’ll pick your kid up from school and look after her while you earn extra money from overtime!! I can’t even work….we live on my husbands wage and have 3 kids!
I have such moaning people in my life…..”oh god, I’ve had enough of my car, I’m soooo bored of it” “ I hate the colour”
This is a huge problem????? Moan moan moan!!! I wish I could have them live in my head and live my life for just one day!!! #understandingbpd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #eupd #depression #anxiety

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