Repost @bpd.mgt Through my recovery process I have searched all…

Repost @bpd.mgt

Through my recovery process I have searched all over for practices that can make my life with bpd more bearable. Some good tips I found in CBT, DBT and Schema therapy books and some I had to come up with out of sheer necessity. This particular coping method my boyfriend suggested during a night of a serious meltdown. I was having issues with a colleague at work (sadly a recurring theme in my life) and my brain was running wild with all kinds of concerns and fears that all seemed entirely rational to me but my boyfriend though they were all utterly ridiculous. I like to measure things to get data in order to back up my argument (a habit that is necessary in my job) snd I wished I could just have enough evidence to prove my boyfriend wrong. So, he suggested to get post it notes and put them on one side of our bedroom wall and at the end of every week, move the ones that came true to the other side. Well, I had my evidence and as it turns, most of my fears were irrational. Now I just know that my brain is out to get me most of the time and the scary stuff it bombards me with is irrational. Small step for a normal person, big step for bpd-folk. #bpdcoping #copingtips #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #mentalhealthawareness #bpdrecoveryispossible #bpdrecovery #personalitydisorder #bpd #bpdlife #bpdthoughts #bpdproblems

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