Repost @bpd.mgt Nobody cares. Nobody listens. We’re all alone….

Repost @bpd.mgt

Nobody cares. Nobody listens. We’re all alone. But wait a sec…if nobody cares, nobody listens…then we have a great opportunity here! We can try whatever we think can make us happier. I really truly think that there’s an opportunity in everything that seems negative first. I’m not the most optimistic person – especially not through the grey clouds that BPD seems to cast over my brain – but even I do shake myself after every hurdle and stand up and see the positive. Thing is, we don’t have a choice. The world will not wait or care. Nobody cares. Nobody listens. So just say fuck it and do something for yourself today. Be selfish. Not in a sense of purposely causing grief to somebody or screwing over others but if you have to choose between your needs or somebody else’s – choose yours, every time! Fine, if nobody cares then I try and fail and it’ll go unnoticed! In my head everyone’s watching but hey, apparently nobody is so why not TRY stuff? Why not start doing things differently? Do it. If nobody cares, you have to. #bpd #tuesdaythoughts #bpdrecovery #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #borderline #bpdproblems #bpdawareness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #bpdfam #eupd

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