Repost @bpd.mgt I am balanced. I feel content most of the time….

Repost @bpd.mgt

I am balanced. I feel content most of the time. Annoying and upsetting things do happen to me too but I know I can handle them. I manage my emotions and concerns privately. I drive to be nice and fair but I’m not afraid of saying no or to disagree. Boundaries are important to me. I am important to me. I communicate my needs clearly and assertively. I do not believe that the world is fair but I trust that things work itself out. And if they don’t, I take whatever I need to with dignity. I change what I can and I don’t worry about the things I can’t. I look for love and I want to share my life with a significant other but I am so happy on my own. I don’t expect others to fulfil all my needs, I am happy to do that for myself. I do not seek external validation, everything I need for my happiness is within myself. I don’t seek the company of those who don’t welcome it. I understand that not everyone will like me as I do not like everyone either. I am happy with myself. I don’t feel the need to act out on my emotions. I understand that everything changes and emotions pass. I can take care of myself and my loved ones. I am happy. I am the Healthy Adult. (To read more about the faces of BPD, the fragmented personality traits of those who suffer from it read Voices in my head on the BPD MGT blog. Link in bio ⬆️) #healthyadult #bpd #dbt #schematherapy #bpdrecovery #borderline #bpdawareness #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #eupd #eupdrecovery #bpdproblems

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