Repost @bpd.mgt So, how to represent my best interest always,…

Repost @bpd.mgt

So, how to represent my best interest always, in every scenario? I think there are a few things I can do. Number one thing I need to perfect is to allow myself to take time before I react. Gut reaction is often fight or flight mode and unless I’m in actual danger, a simple interaction should not require an urgent reaction. Sometimes in a conflict the other person demands instant reaction but it’s about what they want and not what I need. Mindfulness practice can help giving me that extra moment before reacting. Secondly, I can practice assertive communication in non-threatening situations. Standing up for myself in non conflict scenarios can help perfecting the same skill I need in conflicts. Thirdly, I have to let the idea of perfection go. I don’t always get it right. Nobody gets it right every single time. A lot of people are aggressive, passive or passive-aggressive in conflict scenarios. Being assertive is a life skill that’s not easy to perfect. Those who attempt perfecting it and are willing to work on it are way ahead of the game. (Another nature walk, another photo) #bpd #bpdproblems #bpdprobs #bpddiary #borderline #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #personalitydisorder #bpdrecovery #recoverystruggle #assertiveness #communication #dbt #bpdthings #bpdthoughts #bpdtherapy #eupd #eupdrecovery #eupdproblems #bpdtips

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