Repost @borderlinevoid Thats how I feel today and I felt…

Repost @borderlinevoid

Thats how I feel today and I felt horribly yesterday. I am getting to know someone and the person had the ignorance to give me advice of how not yo have crisis.
How did I feel? I cried for two hours, slept horribly and said very tough things to him.
I felt disrespected. I couldnt even leave my house today.
Today, I was talking to a friend and told her the other things he said, how the conversation continued and she told me: I feel he wants to listen to you. He is interested. He may not understand it perfectly, but I dont as well. I just try to do my best for you. At the begginning, I did want to give you advice, but now I know I was ignorant.
So, she could see that not everything he said was complete trash.
That he could have good intentions and that he is open to listen to me. Maybe he cant get the full picture, but he is not thinking I am crazy or that he can heal me.
Before she told me all of this, my first sentence was: Ye, I do think it is over and I doubt I will see him again.
She opened my mind a bit (put some colours in lol). Maybe he is a cunt anyway, but hasnt shown it yet.
Does anyone feel that way or can see how different it is to see many sides of a situation, and not just end everything suddenly?
It sucks. I didnt need to suffer so much.
Borderline Void xxx

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