Repost @borderlinepersonalitygirl Diary entry No. 504 It’s…

Repost @borderlinepersonalitygirl

Diary entry No. 504
It’s hard to believe that a week ago I was lying wide awake at 2am feeling “swamped” with so many things I needed to do… I might add these were incredibly tiny and insignificant…
HOWEVER this week I’ve accomplished so much!
I had a badass week at work and instead of letting the rude girls ignore me and act as if I wasn’t there; I went out of my way to ask how they were, what they’d been up to etc.
And I was greeted with a pleasant response. Which then continued for the rest of the week.
I also reached out to one of my Best friends who I rarely see/speak to.
Instead of sitting there thinking why does she never text me, or ask me to do something.
I invited her over for dinner, we went out together today AND we’ve set a date in the diary for her to finally try on her bridesmaid dress.
I seem to be incredibly good at letting my mind run away with itself, always, ALWAYS assuming the worst…
But instead of sitting there and letting it chip away at me bit by bit I decided to do something about it.
I’ve done SOOOO much to The Borderline Movement, I completed my Giveaway, I went out for dinner and drinks last night, went out today, going to become a Godmother tomorrow.
Things are going really well! Long may it last folks!
We’ve got this guy with us for a couple of weeks whilst my other best friend is on holiday.
He was actually a Christmas present I brought her a few years ago when I was rather Manic.
I brought her the enclosure, all the gear and set up. It cost me £300+
It’s nice to have him here though.
What’re you doing this weekend?
Lots of love, BorderlinePersonalityGirl x
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