Repost @borderline_journey Journal entry n.21🧠 – Art is often…

Repost @borderline_journey

Journal entry n.21🧠 – Art is often the best therapy for me, being able to translate/ make my feelings into a physical piece of art helps me to cope with them. Todays small drawing was inspired by the act of bottling emotions up. I’ve noticed I often feel like I overshare and talk too much. And this causes me to start bottling my feelings up. But the problem with that is simple; theres only so much you can fit into that jar untill its explodes open, with the shattered glass (my words) hurting those I love. So instead, if i feel a build up of emotions I start drawing if i can. Sometimes I find inspiration from other wonderful artists, and sometimes I find it within myself from personal experiences. I like to think of it as my favourite act of self care. Its taking time for my mind to pause, focus on only one thing. Which apart from drawing I can never do. My mind is always hectic with memories and feelings. I have an appointment with a pyschartric nurse this monday and im super nervous, but hopefully I can start getting the help I need, wish me luck lovelies! 💚Lots of love, borderline_journey💚 #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthart #artformentalhealth #bpdjourney #bpdblog #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #eupd #bottledemotions #artoninstagram #mentalhealthcommunity #bpdcommunity

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