Repost @borderline_journey – 🌱Journal entry n.22🌱 – It’s…

Repost @borderline_journey – 🌱Journal entry n.22🌱 – It’s 1:30am and I’m lying in bed struggling to sleep as usual. I’ve been having alot of flashbacks at night in particular, and it leaves me having pumps of adrenaline and anxiety. And then when I do get to sleep the dreams are often horrible or depressing. The only way I can describe a flashback is like being hit by a big wave of the emotion I went through during the trauma. Whilst I’m being hit with the emotion, I feel the memory. It’s like it’s playing in a small Cinema and it’s projected into the brain. Glimpses of where the pain comes from. But it had me thinking.. you grow through what you go through. I felt inspired and decided to draw something. And I ended up with this! That very heartache nourishes the flower, as it’s roots grow stronger for it. It’s a concept that helps me handle my pain, because alot of nights without writing, music or drawing I end up crying and feeling so stuck on a endless loop of pain right before I sleep. Maybe because everything is so still and quiet that it allows my head to be so loud. 💚Lots of love, borderline_journey💚 #bpdcommunity #trauma #cptsd #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthawareness #borderlinejourney #borderlineart #mentalhealthart #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #eupd #flashbacks

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