Repost @beyond.the.borderline How many of you believe this one?…

Repost @beyond.the.borderline

How many of you believe this one? I know that on my darkest days, I am still learning, and learning things not many can prepare for like this….I am hopeful that I can share my mountain moving ways with anyone who needs it. It’s slow. And it takes time, but I’m chipping away at this mountain, while trying to remember to be grateful it exists. Without this mountain to climb I’d not have met any of you wonderful souls. Keep on chipping away at your mountains too.💚
It is showing someone the way.
@a.queen.healing with this one and I think it came from @themillennialbliss
#mentalhealthawareness #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bpd #eupd #cptsd #mentalhealth #mountainstomove #thisishard #thisisworthit

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