Repost @becoming_tilly – So true. And why the work of trauma…

Repost @becoming_tilly – So true. And why the work of trauma processing is so tough. Because the “flashbacks” are not simply an event being replayed in the mind like a movie. They are fully visceral, immersive experiences. And more often than not, for me at least, there is little, if any visual content at all. .
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The elementary self system in the brain stem and limbic system is massively activated when people are faced with the threat of annihilation, which results in an overwhelming sense of fear and terror accompanied by intense physiological arousal. To people who are reliving a trauma, nothing makes sense; they are trapped in a life-or-death situation, a state of paralyzing fear or blind rage. Mind and body are constantly aroused, as if they are in imminent danger. They startle in response to the slightest noises and are frustrated by small irritations. Their sleep is chronically disturbed, and food often loses its sensual pleasures. This in turn can trigger desperate attempts to shut those feelings down by freezing and dissociation.

How do people regain control when their animal brains are stuck in a fight for survival? If what goes on deep inside our animal brains dictates how we feel, and if our body sensations are orchestrated by subcortical (subconscious) brain structures, how much control over them can we actually have? 👉🏼 THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE / AGENCY: OWNING YOUR LIFE
Chapter 6: Losing Your Body, Losing Your Self

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