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Cognitive distortions are distortions in our way of thinking. They are false, inaccurate and have a huge effect on our mental health. Maybe you never noticed some of them until now but as soon as you recognise this patterns of thinking in yourself, you can start working on changing them.
So, I gathered a here a list of the most common cognitive distortions.

1. FILTERING – when you only focus on the bad things and you ignore all the good ones.
2. POLARIZED THINKING – black and white thinking. Never seeing the “in between”.
3. OVERGENERALIZATION – assuming all experiences or people are the same, based on one experience.
4. JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS – being convinced of something with no evidence at all.
5. CATASTROPHIZING – assuming the worst case scenario.
6. PERSONALIZATION – believing that you are responsible for all the bad things happening around you.
7. CONTROL FALLACIES – thinking everything that happens to you is either all your fault either not at all your fault.
8. BLAMING – pointing to others as being the cause of every negative event instead of ever pointing at yourself.
9. SHOULDS – holding too tight on your personal rules on how everyone should behave.
10. EMOTIONAL REASONING – “ If I feel it, it must be true!”
11. FALLACY OF CHANGE – expecting others to change to suit your needs.
12. ALWAYS BEING RIGHT – believing that is absolutely unacceptable to be wrong.

I hope this helps. ❤ .
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