Repost @anxiety_wellbeing Who’s up for the…

Repost @anxiety_wellbeing

Who’s up for the challenge?
If you are feeling down, anxious experiencing panic, gad, anxiety disorder. Try This, and when ever you find yourself worrying or thinking something that you feel bad about try it.
I had a thought the other day and I questioned This, I do this all the time think of three things I was grateful for and it just lightens me, the negative thoughts just calm down I feel better, so I questioned does that mean at the point of a problem was I then about to lie to myself?
My responce after thinking all day, no it’s not lying it’s reality, you receive so much negative news all the time, like we always hear the bad stories first huh? They get around quicker than the good news; that my mind is bogged down with it, I have to keep throwing in the positive programming to counteract modern lifes shitty, negative, always bad news, brings you down, times get tough bullshit so I am feeling like a human that’s glad to be alive loving the world and the people in it ❤🌍
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