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🌱Your body is actually being kind to you, like the noise of a fire alarm pierces your ears it’s telling you there’s a fire get out!!
🌱Anxiety and panic is your body’s fire alarm, the stress and worry is too much, danger for your health and mental health.
🌱A fire alarm you switch off at the button when you know there’s no fire.
🌱Your body alarm will switch off when you show it to calm down and that the danger (stress and worry) is in hand.
Relaxation techniques
Getting small regular breaks from a stressfull situation
Once calm is beginning to regulate you can deal with your worries
Challenge them
Put a plan in place for changes.
🌱THEN your body’s alarm has been shown the fire has goes down the stress is reducing, it’s going to be ok. .
And with resilience techniques It won’t come on again. 🌱NEVER blame yourself for the alarm, we are not taught how to look after our mental health in this world it’s all push push push to the max, you are not to blame but you are in charge of the moment and the changes you want.l to create.
❤Be grateful for all the days in your life, for challenge, for growth, for love, for being human.
X .
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