Repost @anxiety_wellbeing STRENGTH. . Finding my Strengths…

Repost @anxiety_wellbeing

Finding my Strengths & turning them into super powers.
I was good at obsessing, imagining the worst, brilliant in fact, world champion so that’s a strength imagine if you took that strenght and pushed it towards getting calmer in the body, talking, getting physically and mentally stronger, imagining the best, and then making changes that are good for me💡id be brilliant, world champion and feeling on top of the world, I can, I know I can and I have the proof I’m good at it and I’m strong. There’s more than a chance, these are facts. .
I set about learning everything I could to feel calm, i tried everything except medication( fear stopped me doing that) i took every bit of support I could, I still had really bad days for a while not everyday but every now and then but I wasn’t scared, blimey, if I was thinking suicide could be an option what else could be more scary than that and I’m tired of being scared I refuse to do it. .
PANIC stopped, I wasn’t affraid of it anymore.
Gad subsided,
Agoraphobia I told it no I’m going out until I drowned out the voice with distraction.
I had found my strengths in the darkness.
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