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Anxiety naturally is in the negative thought, it’s not your fault how we got there but it’s up to us to find the door out of an anxiety mindset. This is by no means easy as many of you know, it can feel hopeless and it’s times like these you NEED someone who knows where the door Is, to guide you there.
Mindset practice is part of the journey to the door, to combat negative thoughts, taking on positive mind challenges are brilliant and effective.
I am with you, if you can’t find something to be proud of right off the bat, it’s fine! Anxiety and core beleifs ate working against you do you must focus, take as much time as you need to find one, no doubt in the way that pushes your journey back, no only self kindness and compassion.
I want to see you answers!!!! .
I am proud of myself because I am an empath that doesn’t let negative get me down I try to give kindness back, it can be tough but I stick with it. .
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