Repost @anxiety_wellbeing – GO TO UR AFFIRMATIONS FOR…

Repost @anxiety_wellbeing – GO TO UR AFFIRMATIONS FOR HELP.
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🌈Do you find that there are days you just keep thinking negative thoughts that are totally unhelpful, making your day a dark place, & in turn your body is anxious?
🌈Stop and check in with yourself,
are you breathing?
Notice are you tense anywhere?
Take some deep breaths and relax on the exhale.
What are you thinking?
Does it make sense or does it sound fearful?
🌈Anxiety can make you think fearful, but these feelings are not facts, you may feel fearful so ask yourself. Identify the feeling.
🌈Do I really have reason to feel fearful?
Say to yourself ‘i feel scared, there’s nothing really scary so this could be anxiety’.
🌈You see anxiety is the sympathetic nervous system, I.e your mind is sensing danger so it sends a survival message to your adrenal gland to let adrenaline and cortisol loose in your body. This is meant to protect u in a real danger situation, to give u the things u need to act fast, think fast, be strong. If you have lots of constant stress this is what its sensing is danger & can stay switched on and that means the mind continues to think there is danger so our amazing minds keep scanning for potential additional danger that’s why you’ll find your mind is picking out everything that could go wrong or drags back memories u dont want to remember.
🌈Its normal, dont beat yourself up youve not let yourself down, Because your mind beleives there is a real danger, it’s invisible to your eye but the body senses the danger. Stress! .
🌈What do you do?
Go to your affirmations, they are counteracting thoughts with messages it’s ok. Life’s ok. I’m ok. Get grateful everyday.
🌈This is how you get it to beleive it’s ok. & switched off.
🌈No it’s not as easy as that, you may have daysthat there is so much going on the affirmations are helping but the situation is full on. Keep going! They’ll help you through a tough time. 🤗 & be your resilience in another tough situation.
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  1. Thankyou for this. I have had an ongoing 4 days of full on anxiety. I feel like I’ve been stuck in an invisible cage of constant worry and my whole body is tired and overwhelmed. Just reading and seeing that someone understands the process of the anxiety and how it feels helps. 💓

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