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Repost 📷 @themindmedic

S T R E S S | it’s National Stress Awareness Day but what constitutes Stress? Stress has become a word that we often use in our vernacular everyday, from the “I’m feeling stressed” to the ‘you’re really stressing me out.’ But what does it truly mean to be ‘stressed’? We can experience it momentarily when we are waiting to find out if we have the winning numbers on the lotto for instance or it may last weeks, months, in some cases years because of the increasing demands of a busy job. Some emotional stress can be good, in the lead up to an exam or an interview it forces us to knuckle down and prepare. At worst it can significantly impact our day to day life, affect our mood, appetite and sleep and may even manifest as symptoms of depression and anxiety. Most of the time there are clear triggers to our stress, but at others there may be no rhyme or reason behind it, so experiencing symptoms can catch us off guard and be quite unsettling. Keep a diary and log of times you have felt anxious. Is there a pattern? Is there anything, as far as you can tell, that sets it off? If there is a clear trigger, perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with tasks at work, talking to your boss may be part of the solution that leads to scaling down your commitments which ultimately alleviates stress. #stress #nationalstressawarenessday #wednesday #mentalhealth #healthymind #mind #health #wellbeing #mentalwellbeing #wellness

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