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Repost 📷 @themindmedic

S E L F E S T E E M | common theme in clinic? Self esteem. Seeing girls (and boys) as young as primary school age struggling with self esteem and confidence is heartbreaking and not something that can be solved in one session alone. Often it is something that is unpicked over a period of time. Low self esteem and low body confidence can sometimes be a symptom of another mental health condition they are experiencing such as depression, anxiety or eating disorders. We treat the mental health condition through talking therapies (usually) or medication (in some cases) then the symptoms improve. Sometimes there are no clear associations with a mental health condition but often we can discover a pattern to it. This is where the 5 senses comes in. This is helpful particularly when thinking about triggers.1️⃣ SEE : do you find that SEEING images on social media, seeing an advert on be tube, watching the latest reality TV show, hanging out with particular people can trigger these thoughts. 2️⃣ Has someone said things about you that knocks your confidence? Are you constantly under criticism from friends, family, a teacher or a partner? Do you spend a lot of time around people who have their own body hang ups? 3️⃣ TASTE: do you find that your anxiety around yourself is fuelled when you have had something caffeinated? Racing heart, butterflies in your tummy anyone? Do you find that your self esteem issues lead you to control your food in some way? Restricting or perhaps even bingeing to help fill that emotional void 4️⃣ FEEL: are you constantly pinching at your body, looking in the mirror constantly or jumping on the scales? 5️⃣ SMELL: do you struggle to SMELL the bull**** we can all get drawn in to marketing ploys but how many of us although rationalising that someone has gone to town on photoshop still find ourselves comparing anyway. Do you struggle to smell your own success and constantly find yourself vying after someone else’s? Sometimes when we focus too much on others around us we struggle to see what is right under our nose. #selfesteem
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