Repost 📷 @theborderlinemovement Jessi’s Story 💜 Hi, I’m…

Repost 📷 @theborderlinemovement

Jessi’s Story 💜
Hi, I’m Jessi.
I’m 37 and I live in New York City.
I use my account to blog about the real life hardships, victories, and consequences of living with mental illness and addiction.
I try to realistically explain the ups and downs of recovery. I have suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder since my teens, but was not diagnosed until I was 30. I am 6.5 years sober, in recovery from alcohol and pills.
I have also suffered from Major Depressive Disorder since my pre-teen years. My other diagnoses and issues include ADHD, Self Harm, Binge Eating Disorder, Sleep Disorders, PTSD and Attempted Suicide.
I have lived with these illnesses for many years, and have also done a few DBT courses and other therapy.
Please feel free to DM me!
Jessi x @jessi_is_cooool

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