Repost 📷 @theblurtfoundation It’s taking a loooong time…

Repost 📷 @theblurtfoundation

It’s taking a loooong time to unpick stereotypes and stigma surrounding mental illness and there’s yet a long way to go. We all have mental health, regardless of whether we’ve experienced a mental illness, or not. You see, mental illness doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to any one of us and that’s important to remember because it’s not a ‘them’ and ‘us’ kind of conversation, the conversations apply to us all. It’s also not a facial expression, there’s no universal way someone might appear when unwell which can make spotting the symptoms in someone all the more harder. We’re supporting the @timetochangecampaign and are encouraging people to ‘reach-in’ to those we are worried about, to be interested beyond the ‘I’m fines’. Ask twice.
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