Repost 📷 @theblurtfoundation It will, even when you feel…

Repost 📷 @theblurtfoundation

It will, even when you feel like it won’t, even when it hasn’t risen for a while now. It’ll come up again.⁣
🎨 @alyserurianidesign ⁣

Image description: On top of a peach-coloured background, there are lots of different coloured, and sized circles, which look as though they have been painted on. The circles are a mix of yellow, orange, cream and peachy-pink. Scattered on top of these circles are tiny line-drawings of triangles and circles, in the same colours. In the centre of the image is the largest circle, which is yellow. In this circle, black, handwriting-like text says ‘the sun will rise again’. The artist of this image is @alyserurianidesign

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