Repost 📷 @theblurtfoundation Despite how it sometimes appears…

Repost 📷 @theblurtfoundation

Despite how it sometimes appears in the media, self-care is not about facemasks, bubblebaths and luxury chocolate. Self-care is downright boring, frustrating and difficult at times. It’s things like leaving an event earlier than you’d like because you know that you need to sleep. It’s making (and sticking to) dentist appointments. It’s choosing to stick to your budget rather than buying that item in the sale.
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Image description: On a white background there is a drawing of a terracotta plant pot filled with plants . There are two types of cactus, along with another succulent. There’s also a trailing plant, and a pink rose-shaped flower. Underneath the plant pot, in dark pink handwriting-like text, it says ‘Self care is not an indulgence. It’s a discipline. Self care is actually kind of boring.’ The artist of this image is @wonder_doodles

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