Repost 📷 @safespace.bpd 🗣 even non-BPD’ers “split”. However,…

Repost 📷 @safespace.bpd

🗣 even non-BPD’ers “split”. However, bc “we,, split at a more extreme rate, we may find it harder to get back to that “middle.” Holistically, I am a very good person but when I split I’m left w darkness and meanness. We all have darkness in us. Taking accountability helps us grow. My well-intentioned, kind and empathetic nature gets pushed to the side for a bit and I’m left w RAGE and pain. I’ve always been very self aware (thank god) and I typically know when I’m about to split which makes it easier NOW that I’ve learnt appropriate skills to stop the extreme nature of the episodes. My impulsive tendencies make it almost impossible to control them sometimes though, but I’m working on it💕. I speak to many of you who find splitting hard to cope with, for that my heart is with you. You’re not alone. being aware that you are splitting ,or about to, puts you in a position where you have more control & you can then work on finding ways to cope with the episodes. Self awareness is key. We are one step ahead ✨

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